The images highlighting the application of graphene in energy storage solutions, particularly in next-generation batteries and supercapacitors, have been created. They illustrate how graphene enhances the capacity, efficiency, and charging speed of these devices, representing the breakthroughs in energy technology enabled by graphene.

Graphene's impact on energy storage, especially in batteries and supercapacitors, is groundbreaking. 

It significantly enhances the performance of lithium-ion batteries by replacing traditional materials in the anode, thereby increasing the power, energy density, and lifespan of these batteries. 

This is due to graphene's high surface area-to-mass ratio and superior conductivity, which facilitate higher current flows and rapid charging. In supercapacitors, graphene's properties similarly boost energy density and current handling. 

In semiconductors, efforts are ongoing to introduce a band gap in graphene's structure to enable its use in electronic components. Techniques like doping and physical stress are explored to alter graphene's lattice, creating semiconducting properties suited for various applications. 

These efforts are critical to leveraging graphene's unique properties in advanced technologies.