Creation of 100% Pure Graphene

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Graphene America Achieves Historic Milestone: The Creation of 100% Pure Graphene

Fort Mill, SC — Feb. 23, 2020: Frans Alkemade, CEO of Graphene America and his team, has led the charge in graphene innovation, achieving a significant milestone in material science: the creation of 100% pure graphene. This remarkable breakthrough establishes Graphene America as the pioneering entity within the United States to attain and verify the production of graphene in its purest form. The validation of this achievement came through rigorous Raman spectroscopy analysis conducted by three independent testing facilities across the globe – in the USA, Spain, and China – underscoring the international recognition and reliability of this achievement.

This success not only solidifies Frans Alkemade and Graphene America's commitment to advancing graphene technology but also signifies the initial conceptualization of the 'Graphene Hub'. Envisioned by Alkemade, the Hub is designed to be a collaborative epicenter for graphene research and development, aiming to harness graphene's unique properties to revolutionize manufacturing processes across various industries. With this pioneering production of pure graphene, Graphene America has opened the doors to numerous opportunities in the United States and Internationally, marking the beginning of a new era in material science. The company is always actively seeking the right partners to further develop and expand its expertise in this revolutionary field.

This achievement is not just a testament to our commitment to innovation but also a significant leap forward in the application of graphene across all manufacturing sectors. Graphene, known for its extraordinary strength, conductivity, and flexibility, has the potential to revolutionize industries worldwide. The successful production of 100% pure graphene paves the way for advancements in electronics, energy storage, composite materials, and beyond.

Opening Doors to Global Opportunities

The confirmation of our pure graphene production has garnered the attention of governments, corporations and private equity firms both in the US and around the globe, recognizing the strategic importance of graphene in advancing technology and manufacturing capabilities. This development positions Graphene America at the forefront of a materials revolution, opening unprecedented opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

Seeking Strategic Partnerships

With this significant milestone, Graphene America is actively seeking to expand our horizons and develop our expertise further. We are looking for the right partners—forward-thinking companies and organizations that understand the transformative potential of pure graphene. Together, we aim to explore new applications, enhance existing products, and create solutions that leverage the unique properties of graphene to address some of the most pressing challenges facing industries today.

A Call to Action for Innovation

We invite potential partners to join us in this exciting journey. Our achievement in producing 100% pure graphene is just the beginning. With the right collaboration and investment, we can accelerate the development of graphene applications, creating more efficient, sustainable, and higher-performing products across a myriad of sectors.

Graphene America is committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible, driving innovation, and shaping the future of technology. We believe that, together with our partners, we can revolutionize industries and create a better, more sustainable world.

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Graphene America is a leader in the field of graphene technology, dedicated to harnessing the unparalleled properties of graphene to drive innovation across various industries. Our mission is to develop high-quality, sustainable graphene-based solutions that meet the needs of tomorrow's world, today.

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